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‚ÄčWhile a deposit is nice when you sign your team up, we understand it is a pain.  Don't sweat it if you don't have it right when you register your team for a tournament. We will give you some time to gather it up from your teammates.  Just come back here when you have it and remember your team name so we can line your payment up with the right team.  Also, take note that we like to have all fees paid 30 days prior to the tournament if at all possible. 

For the Put-in-Bay Cup, we sell out fast (usually by March 1st each year) and only hold spots for those that put down a deposit.  So if you plan on attending that tournament, a deposit guarantees your spot.  

Refunds:  If you cancel 30 days prior to a tournament, or we are forced to canceled for any reason prior to the start of play, we will refund the portion of money we receive from the credit card processing company, minus any other costs incurred (roughly 10% of what you pay).  

Payment Option 1- Pay by Check:  

       Make Check Payable to:  DC Sports Marketing
       Send To:  3242 Iveswood Court - Dublin, OH 43017

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